I have a feeling I may have mentioned my love for photographing families outdoors? (about 23,500 times) so you can image how happy I was to turn up at the Friels Family Farm with its beautiful gardens, sprawling fields and all while the sun was shining. This gorgeous family of 7 were a absolute riot. They have it all, the gorgeous newborn, the older brother keeping everything in check, the twins with their hilarious joint facial expressions and the tom-boy sister who the boys dote on. 

Every time I head to a family session my ethos kicks in and I want my photography to reflect the connection between you and your little people, however fun or messy. I want to capture you and your family in a real, unscripted and authentic way. 

“Real life is the new family portrait.”

I loved the chance to scroll through my playlist for this artist, one of my favs for a good dance (and a rad video as well) – Scroll to the end, hit play and enjoy  ‘Happy People – R Kelly’

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