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When I started my business 18 months ago I wasn’t sure how my style of lifestyle photography was going to be received in my area where the more traditional studio photography is king. The more inquiries that started coming in, I realised more families wanted their special moments, including the birth of their new baby, to be documented in a natural and lifestyle way.

I want to thank each and every one of my clients for booking me! It is a privilege to be included in such a special time in their lives.

My photography reflects the connection between you and your little people, however, fun or messy and I want to capture you and your family in a real, unscripted and authentic way. I truly believe 'Real life is the new family portrait.' 

I love to photograph older babies as well so don’t worry if you never captured your baby within the first 14 days, some of my most fun sessions have been with 6 week + babies. 

I only take a limited number of newborn bookings each month to keep date flexible as we know babies don’t always arrive when they are meant to.

There is only one man and one track to listen to while editing my 2016 roundup and its 'Pharrell Willliams - Happy'


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TELL A FRIEND! Did you love your photoshoot?

TELL A FRIEND! Did you love your photoshoot?
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How to enter:
- Like Kellee Quinn Photography on Facebook.
- Share a photo from your session on your page with a link to Kellee Quinn Photography
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I have the utmost respect for Mums who can manage to drag themselves out of a tracksuit in the first few days after giving birth. So, imagine the respect I had for Cameron's gorgeous Mum who rocked a dress and kick ass heels for her son's session!

This was one of the first newborn sessions where we took ourselves outside and I loved every minute of it.. and try to do it whenever I can now. It was nice just hanging out in their beautiful home before taking a walk to the park in the sunshine.

Writing this little guys blog gave me an excuse (not that I need one) to listen to one of my all time feel-good songs by my favourite male soul, funk singer 'ROY AYERS - EVERYBODY LOVES THE SUNSHINE' Scroll to the end and have a listen - you won't be disappointed. 

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I have a feeling I may have mentioned my love for photographing families outdoors? (about 23,500 times) so you can image how happy I was to turn up at the Friels Family Farm with its beautiful gardens, sprawling fields and all while the sun was shining. This gorgeous family of 7 were a absolute riot. They have it all, the gorgeous newborn, the older brother keeping everything in check, the twins with their hilarious joint facial expressions and the tom-boy sister who the boys dote on. 

Every time I head to a family session my ethos kicks in and I want my photography to reflect the connection between you and your little people, however fun or messy. I want to capture you and your family in a real, unscripted and authentic way. 

"Real life is the new family portrait."

I loved the chance to scroll through my playlist for this artist, one of my favs for a good dance (and a rad video as well) - Scroll to the end, hit play and enjoy  'Happy People - R Kelly'

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Louie was the perfect example of why it is never too late to get your newborn photos done. Most newborn photographers will only book babies up to 14 days old but Mr Louie goes to show that even at 7 weeks old he's still utterly teeny and deserved of his newborn session. 

It was a beautiful day on the drive up to Glasgow, and I met Louie's Mum & Dad at their lovely apartment in the West End. We all simply hung out and i took photos of them just being themselves with their new little man. 

I really enjoy photographing slightly older babies as I love the eye contact they give you. Mr Louie's personality was already showing through and I think these photos goes to show this little guy is super inquisitive to everything going on around him. There are a whole series of photographs of him on the blue blanket pulling the best faces. 

It might not be the same spelling but there's only one man I can listen to while editing this gallery - 'We Have All The Time In The WorldLouis Armstrong' ... scroll to the end for a listen x

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