I have a feeling I may have mentioned my love for photographing families outdoors? (about 23,500 times) so you can image how happy I was to turn up at the Friels Family Farm with its beautiful gardens, sprawling fields and all while the sun was shining. This gorgeous family of 7 were a absolute riot. They have it all, the gorgeous newborn, the older brother keeping everything in check, the twins with their hilarious joint facial expressions and the tom-boy sister who the boys dote on. 

Every time I head to a family session my ethos kicks in and I want my photography to reflect the connection between you and your little people, however fun or messy. I want to capture you and your family in a real, unscripted and authentic way. 

"Real life is the new family portrait."

I loved the chance to scroll through my playlist for this artist, one of my favs for a good dance (and a rad video as well) - Scroll to the end, hit play and enjoy  'Happy People - R Kelly'

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Lifestyle Family Session


Lifestyle Family Session


I will drop you an email and we can make plans for your session.

Thanks to everyone who entered... I hope to see you on YOUR family session very soon.

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First anniversary | First Giveaway


First anniversary | First GiveawayIT'S MAY. AN ANNIVERSARY AND A GIVEAWAY

Its May! It's my first anniversary of diving into this crazy world of photography and on the 21st it's my birthday!

I have had the MOST incredible year since deciding to go all Bruce Lee into my dreams of being a photographer. I have had the privilege of meeting the nicest families, cutest newborns and some loved-up Bride & Grooms along the way.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has booked me and supported me over the past 12 months - i cannot thank you enough. To show how appreciative I am I will be giving away a load of prizes over the next 7 days (I've always celebrated with a birthday 'week')

To be in with a chance of winning tell me in the comments below why your family should win? Make sure to like me on Facebook and share the competition post 'Win a Family Lifestyle Session'

The winner will be drawn on May 25th. Good luck!

Troon Family Photographer


Troon Family Photographer. I absolutely love our local woods! It's where I spent a huge part of my childhood. Our wee gang would leave first thing in the morning and the only condition from our parents was to be home for dinner. The woods ramble on forever. There are beautiful converted stables which you can see in these photos and although the main residence 'Fullerton House' has now been knocked down to make way for a carpark of all things, the place still has a certain grandness about it

This was the location for my Valentines Day session with The Whiteford Family. Mum is a photographer so no pressure to deliver good photos! I shouldn't of worried as it all turned out just dandy. Not only are they a gorgeous family but the sun shone like a summers day and everyone just had fun hanging out. The little ones played in the Snowdrops, climbed logs and trees and ran around in the sun. I managed to get a few snaps of Mum & Dad all loved up - it could of been an engagement session with how cute they were together .  

Troon Family Photographer


Photo-A-Day Family Project, Part 2... Looking back through these photos makes me giggle. If you've ever raised a toddler you know that every day at least a 1000 tiny incidents happen that are so easy to over look or forget. I live with a tiny, foreign speaking madman who is so filled with love, rage, excitement and adventure that it is sometimes hard to keep up. But i do, just.

I think this age (2 years 3 months) is my favourite so far. He is starting to talk, his personality is more defined. We understand each other more. And what makes it even more amazing he's a total mummy's boy. Age 1 to 2 was harder than I ever imagined. I honestly didn't have a clue what was going on. I tried my hardest to muddle through the tantrums, hitting, pushing and sheer madness of it all and I came out the other side 'relatively' unscathed.

Here's to all the mums and dads of toddlers out there... I salute your daily efforts.

I can hand on heart say I cherish every one of these moments as hard work as they are as this crazy journey is denied to so many.

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