Ayrshire Newborn Photographer

I had the best day with the Lavelle Family. I went to go to school with gorgeous little Mac’s mum and even though we hadn’t seen each other in 20 years (gulp) we chatted away as if we’d been on the school bus the week before.

One of the best things about being a newborn and family lifestyle photographer is I get to hang out with lovely families and watch them just being themselves. I try and capture all the little things that you do that you might not even realise you do… the way mum smiles when she holds her baby, the way dad gently holds his newborn to wind them, the way the grandparents eyes light up when they are hold their grandchild… these moments captured in a photo are worth a thousand words.

I appreciate every booking i get as i know the families appreciate art, which photography is. In a world where everyone has camera phones and take dozens of photos each week it is so nice when clients know they are investing in heirlooms when they book you to capture their baby’s early days. They are never going to be this tiny again, their little features change weekly so to have them captured in a seres of photos forever is a true investment. I still look at my sons newborn photos every day. I will admit i didn’t fully appreciate how precious the photos would be until i had them done. They mean more to me than any toy, blanket or outfit i bought for my newborn son. My photos take me right back to that day he was 10 days old and i was a rookie mum i awe of my new arrival.

There’s only one band to listen to while editing little macs gallery.. scroll to the end for a listen of the mighty Fleetwood Mac ‘Don’t Stop’

Newborn Photographer Ayrshire