Troon Family Photographer. I absolutely love our local woods! It’s where I spent a huge part of my childhood. Our wee gang would leave first thing in the morning and the only condition from our parents was to be home for dinner. The woods ramble on forever. There are beautiful converted stables which you can see in these photos and although the main residence ‘Fullerton House’ has now been knocked down to make way for a carpark of all things, the place still has a certain grandness about it

This was the location for my Valentines Day session with The Whiteford Family. Mum is a photographer so no pressure to deliver good photos! I shouldn’t of worried as it all turned out just dandy. Not only are they a gorgeous family but the sun shone like a summers day and everyone just had fun hanging out. The little ones played in the Snowdrops, climbed logs and trees and ran around in the sun. I managed to get a few snaps of Mum & Dad all loved up – it could of been an engagement session with how cute they were together .  

Troon Family Photographer